Today hardly anybody knows the baker who makes their bread, the charcutier who slaughters the pigs and cures the meat, the man who churns the milk of the sheep or goats to make cheese. Through ‘NEO The Greek Selection’, it is our intent to introduce the people who make these wonderful foods to anyone who is curious about what is on their plate, who wants to take the time to cook up something new, who wants to approach food with sheer enjoyment and a sense of discovery... or as we say, anyone who wants to eat “the Greek way”.


Neoptolemos, our founder, and our guiding light with his 40 years of experience in the food industry, brought us all together in the summer of 2017 in order to create what was to become ‘NEO Fine Foods’, a collection of the most authentic and wonderful foods that Greece has to offer. One year later, ‘NEO the Greek Selection’ launched a range of 29 wholesome and incredibly versatile foods, carefully sourced from purveyors and artisans from around Greece, each selected for its fine ingredients, great quality and taste.


There was a fair amount of Greek tradition in the way we all grew up, but there is also the fact that we all chose to leave the familiar behind, to travel and to live in other countries, to discover and learn things that were completely new. This ‘stay true to your roots, but always move forward with purpose and integrity’ philosophy is what drives our team and the NEO brand.


Being involved in the creation of NEO was for everyone a career path on which we felt very much at home. This was not only due to our love affair with good food, but also due to a shared belief that the Greek way of cooking and eating just makes good sense. 

What makes Greek cuisine so special is that it does not only tell the story of the past; it is, actually, very much about the present. Cooking and eating ‘like a Greek’ means being open to different cultures and culinary traditions, mixing the common with the new and exotic, and never making a white cabbage salad in spring or asking for fresh peaches in December. Above all, it means feasting on beautiful food made with pure, fresh ingredients and sharing your table with people that warm your heart and lift your spirits.



One of my greatest pleasures is a good lunch with convivial company, plenty of good wine and no pressing problems to solve in the afternoon.


His friends say that he is one of the greatest multitaskers. Partly a scholar, partly an artist, partly an entrepreneur, but most of all, one of these people who truly know what ‘Joie de vivre‘ is all about. With nearly 40 years of professional experience in the food industry, Neoptolemos is our driving force and the one responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities for our brand.
My fondest food memory is eating grapes, feta and crusty bread in a remote cove on the island of Sifnos.


Anna's favourite task is connecting the dots. She loves travelling, meeting new people and listening to their stories. She dreams of bringing like-minded people together around tables filled with all kinds of delicious foods; coming to think about it, this is exactly what she is doing with all of us at NEO; she makes sure everything is done to a tee and then we still have time to relax with a nice glass of wine!
It is fine food and not fine words that keep me alive!


Alexandros loves developing new products and new technology, swimming and mountain biking. He is also one of those detail-oriented people who love working with spreadsheets. And because we know that “the devil is in the detail” and that “big ideas are only as powerful as the details behind them”, he is the one responsible for the quality of all our products!



We would like to say many thank yous to Marina Boutari, for her precious guidance and support in the Commercial sector and for working with us in order to bring our products to market, Pierre, Jen, Alexia and all the people at Leon Design Agency, for their infinite creativity and for designing a visual identity that we truly love, Tina Webb for her always impeccable food styling and Dimitris Poupalos for his beautiful and dramatic food photography and portraits.

Thank you all!
The best is yet to come!